About StableWoman®


Horses are Magnificent, Powerful & Strong;
So are Women!
My mission is to design "A Brand With A Purpose"
by Harnessing the Magical Qualities of the Horse
to Empower All Women.

                                                                 –Marya Hoffman Zubaty


StableWoman®  "A Brand With A Purpose"

The StableWoman® brand relates to each and every woman who shares a kindred spirit with the horse. Feel the beauty, power and strength of the magnificent horse in your life.

Empower a woman you care about or inspire yourself through StableWoman®. 

Resonate with the Horse to Lift Yourself Up!

Original Artisan Compositions, 
Custom Crafted; USA & UK

The StableWoman® brand is a woman owned small business, which holds a U.S. registered trademark.

Created by Marya Hoffman Zubaty of metro Chicago, Illinois USA. 
Marya is an accomplished graphic designer, an aspiring entrepreneur and a life-long horsewoman. 

Each Purchase Pays an Artist and a Craftsperson.