StableWoman™ Perfume Oil Fragrances

StableWoman™ Perfume Oil Fragrances

StableWoman Design

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Introducing StableWoman™ pure perfume oil fragrances. Four truly classic scents each reminiscent of equestrian culture.

Apply to your pulse points and enjoy these long-lasting perfume oils throughout your day. Makes a great gift for yourself or an equestrian friend. Four delightful scents to choose from:

• Meadow Ride is a light and a pretty floral scent reminiscent of a romantic ride through sunlit wildflower fields.

• Freestyle is a lively floral scent that will transport you to the Dressage competition, with dancing notes of patchouli and sporty leather.

• Cross Country is a light sporty scent of leather notes, embracing a hint of pine. Inspired by equestrian sports among the pine forests of Aiken, South Carolina.

• Tack Up is the ultimate scent that will remind you of your favorite saddle shop with rich notes of timeless leather and vanilla.

1/3 fl. oz. 10ml roll-on applicator bottle.